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Our all-inclusive housing promotes INTEGRATION!

A welcoming all-inclusive concept designed to make you feel at home!
We focus on INTEGRATION.

Our development project aims to provide an access way and a social springboard for thousands of workers in dozens of regions across the province of Quebec.

In the hopes of maximizing the generational and social impacts, H360 ° Villages offers three solutions:

✔︎ Provide affordable housing for young foreign workers in the outlying regions. Opening the door to opportunity.
✔︎ Provide a supportive environment that promotes personal development. Building a strong foundation.
✔︎ Provide the framework for social integration. The citizens of tomorrow.

Our eco-responsible development and construction plans support a favourable environmental footprint.  Our project addresses the genuine needs of newcomers into the workforce seeking to integrate our society.


Your sense of belonging is our success.

Our ability to welcome and host is key to our collective success.

Our main objective is the social integration and professional achievement of several thousand newcomers' over the next five years.

Our primary mission is to support Quebec businesses' and regional communities that rely on immigration as a lever to support their vitality and development.

To welcome this immigrant workforce, particularly in the outlying areas, we must provide a suitable living environment and the necessary tools to promote successful integration.

The H360 Villages project is much more than a real estate project. It is a societal project of economic development. An experience in human capital development focused on the success of several thousand newcomers'.

Beyond financial considerations and economic issues for the outlying areas and businesses', H360° Villages' mission is to promote a sense of community and ownership.

We are building a pathway to jobs in the regions.
We are developing a launch pad for our Hopefuls!

Thousands of foreign workers come to lend us a hand.
Jobs are numerous but affordable housing is scarce.

Sister companies H360° Villages and H360° Ressources are there to meet the critical needs of skilled labour and affordable housing in several outlying regions of the province of Quebec.

Both companies are part of an ecosystem that aims to support Quebec-based entrepreneurs, while providing support and assistance to foreign workers and other visible minority groups.

Development and economic recovery can only be achieved through the contribution of an active international population. Hence the creation of H360° Resources and H360° Villages, which together, aim to provide a 360 degree service including recruitment, immigration process assistance, integration, education, and accommodation.


Fostering engagement in their community / 
Encouraging citizen productive citizenship
We are starting a movement.
Our concept is simple: Each person's success begets our collective success.
We are committed to social integration.
The people behind this great project are a group of dynamic, highly qualified entrepreneurs, with extensive international work experience, and above all, a humanitarian spirit.

Hendel Duplessy

✔︎ Canadian
✔︎ President - CEO, Co-Founder
✔︎ 25 years of international business management experience
✔︎ Entrepreneur
✔︎ Leadership and business strategy specialist
✔︎ Hospitality, tourism & leisure sectors
✔︎ Experienced in managing multicultural and multigenerational teams

Carl Dumas

✔︎ Canadian
✔︎ Vice-President of Sales, Co-Founder
✔︎ 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in Quebec
✔︎ Franchised restaurateur
✔︎ General Sales Manager at Coca-Cola in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean region
✔︎ Deputy Director at CFP Jonquière

Alain Cuny

✔︎ French
✔︎ 45 years in construction strategies & process expertise on the international stage
✔︎ Construction expert, developer and project manager
✔︎ Hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors
✔︎ +100 Projects delivered. +$500M in real estate assets

Polo Martin

✔︎ Canadian
✔︎ CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)
✔︎ 45 years working experience internationally
✔︎ Business Strategy Consultant and Entrepreneur
✔︎ Event Management (includes: exhibitions in Brisbane, Seville, Lisbon and Hanover / Barcelona Olympic Games)

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